As the world of events changes, we had to also adapt to the new normal and offering virtual services was the most logical step. Many businesses have had to get creative to stay relevant and, in many instances, to keep the lights on. Whatever the motivation, we are all trying to adjust and continue bringing fun and entertainment through your screen while you’re at home staying safe.

Virtual events in 2020 have been a big part of life at home, from award shows to music festivals, everyone is looking for a distraction and we have been offering a one-of-a-kind service involving our merch customizing app. Normally, we bring equipment with tablets that have our app installed for people to have fun and create their own t-shirts or choose from the templates provided by the host. Because we’ve all gone virtual, we’ve had to adapt our app and work with our developers to provide this technology to our clients.

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Family Industries’ focus prior to the pandemic was live event activations, being one of the few print shops in this space, we were given opportunities to work with large conventions, music festivals, and other large private events. We have created our own App-based software to support personalized customization features and this gave us a leg-up on pivoting to virtual events.

Generally, organizations or businesses reach out to us with an idea for their event and the type of merch or promotional items they would like to offer their attendees. Clients will purchase a certain amount of units prior to the event and provide us with their designs, we will take that information and create a interactive application on their website. The activations all depend on the type of event features and on the client’s budget as different print methods vary in price.

Once we start receiving orders, our production team gets to work printing the products then our fulfillment team prints shipping labels and packs the orders to ship directly to the attendees. What we offer is a complete holistic approach to interactive virtual event features coupled with fulfillment services. This way, our clients get to ensure their event is a success and we do all the backend work to bring their ideas to fruition.


In 2020 we have partnered and worked with several companies to bring a little excitement to their virtual events. Everyone loves a freebie, right? Well, we’ve been fortunate enough to be part of this new virtual environment – check out some of the events we’ve done so far.

Amazon Prime Video Pride Inside event created a 3D festival where attendees could navigate through different virtual posts offering various entertaining features. Our virtual t-shirt shop was the only application that provided a free promotional product. Attendees were able to create their t-shirts by using the drag-and-drop options choosing from various designs.

Pantheon sponsored the DrupalCon Global 2020 virtual event and provided attendees with 4 different t-shirt designs. We screen printed each design and shipped the orders after the event.

Lollapalooza and Toyota teamed up and provided a free bandana to the attendees that completed a survey. We used sublimation to print them and the design was provided by the design team at Lollapalooza.

Bonnaroo and Toyota partnered up to offer a free blanket for this year’s virtual Bonnaroo festival. Toyota sponsored the event and gave out free blankets for attendees that filled out their survey. The blankets were printed using sublimation, and they were sold out on the first day of the event.

Amazon Prime Video partnered with Comic Con to promote their Prime Video show ‘The Boys’. Amazon offered free personalized t-shirts with designs related to the show. Attendees were able to drag-and-drop the designs on their shirts and submit them to us for printing and shipping. We were able to work with Amazon and their developers to add our technology and integrate our application for their attendees to interact with. All t-shirts were printed using sublimation.

The New York City Wine & Food Festival partnered up with Toyota and brought these free oven mitts displaying the logos of their sponsors.

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