Attending an event is in itself an experience, but what if you took it to the next level and personalized the experience for people? Using your brand in tandem with your merch can be a good opportunity to promote your business and create a fun activity for people to either familiarize themselves with your products or services and promote brand recognition and loyalty.


In order to create a memorable experience, you have to make sure it’s fun for all attendees. Creating a fun and enjoyable attraction should be at the forefront of your planning. This isn’t just about creating personalized invitations and marketing; instead, it’s about customizing the actual event experience so that attendees are more engaged and find your event memorable.

A pre-event survey is a thorough way of gathering particular data, and you could also leverage past attendee data if you have it. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about their needs and interests, or business if it’s a corporate event.

This kind of customization through recommendation was successfully implemented at the annual festival of music, film, and interactivity in Texas, known as South by Southwest (SXSW). Their SXSW Go App was the perfect fit to help event-goers have the best experience possible and avoid the overwhelm that can come with such a large-scale event.


Incorporating elements of interactive technology is a great way to drive participation. Although getting involved can often be daunting in person, using an online presence helps people feel more at ease. You’ll find them more likely to share their personal opinions and even photos. The easiest way to incorporate this is using event hashtags, creating merch with your brand, and a customizable option for said merch.


By allowing the guests to freely customize a promotional product, you’re creating a more personal connection with the consumer, and in return, you get loyalty to your brand that otherwise would be hard to maintain.


By creating a photo-worthy booth, you’re inviting free advertising by the attendees posting on their social media. If the event is run by you, then this is a great way to get the word out about your event and pique the interest of people within your network that are within the demographics you are trying to capture.

If it’s a good fit for the brand, set up a photo booth with props so event-goers can let their hair down and have a little fun. Give them a choice from a few branded filters so that they can personalize their photos further, while still promoting the brand.


Give people some optional extras to wow them, while you’re appealing to their interests. For example, you might be holding a culinary event and you could tie the food theme in with a unique experience they won’t see anywhere else – as the Marriott Chicago Downtown does. It serves food using honey made from the bees in their own rooftop apiary. For meetings they’ve hosted, they’ve let attendees wear bee suits and help in the apiary. Or if you’re a smaller brand and are trying to appeal to a festival crowd, do what Toyota did using the talented crew at Family Industries and offer temporary tattoos with your logo and a cool design.


The experience isn’t only about the action performed and creating a well-rounded event includes visually appealing spaces and auditory stimulation. Creating a visually attractive event or booth is one of the most important aspects of throwing a successful event and providing a unique experience.


If the event takes place at night, it’s important to dress your venue or event space with lighting. Adding LED lights that change color or a strobe light that is synced to the sound of the music is an excellent way to stimulate event-goers and ensure they are having a unique experience.

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Music conveys emotion, and emotions dictate if you’re enjoying something or not. This is a very simple and essential feature all events must-have. Music can also create dramatic tension and excitement in building up for announcements through the use of fanfares. Perhaps more appropriate for an awards event.


Bright colors, much like music, also convey emotions. Using certain shades of blue, for example, can instill feelings of loyalty, calm, and serenity among guests. Employing yellow in the right way meanwhile conveys a sense of creativity, happiness, and intellect. Colors impact audience perceptions and emotions throughout the course of an event. The combinations of colors seen by attendees, along with their intensity and the specific shades and hues used, can encourage a broad range of responses.

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