Whether we planned for it or not, the future is most definitely here. Phones are the new wallet, Laptops are the new notebook, and our homes have become the new convention center. As the event business continues to adapt to the ever-changing world around us, we at Family Industries are working tirelessly to bring all the fun we miss having outside straight to your living room. Virtual Events have quickly become the way to host anything from music festivals to weddings, but how can we continue to enjoy all that these events have to offer without actually being there? Well that’s the exact problem we are here to solve.


  • Find the best software to host your event

Softwares like BigMarker, cvent, and Cadence make it possible for you to get the most from your events, they help you bring your vision to virtual life. These software assist with a reliable platform so that you can worry about the big stuff.

  • Promote, promote, promote!

Whether you’re planning a work event or a fun dance party event, you need to have a plan in place. Just like with physical events, the fundamentals matter, and ensuring you have a clear marketing strategy is key. Promote your virtual event just like you would with a physical event. Check the 9 best planner apps for 2020.

  • Content

Your content will be very important to engage your guests and keep them tuned in. Tailor your content to your audience, make sure it is entertaining and it includes an element of virtual interaction, Check out 10 Standout Virtual Event Ideas From Around the Industry.

  • Merch!

This is where Family Industries comes in! Offer your guests the opportunity to custom design their own t-shirt, bandana, or tote bag. We will screen print your merchandise and ship it directly to your guests! this can give your event that extra edge to keep your guests excited about your brand and ensure they will come back next time.


Many big entertainment companies are making the switch and virtual events are keeping them relevant during this time. Music streaming giant Spotify is developing a ‘virtual events’ feature that is said to debut this year, hosting the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September 2020. But will virtual events continue after covid-19? One thing is for sure, if you’re planning an event, Family Industries can help you elevate your brand with custom-designed t-shirts and other merch.