Handjet Print guns are not a new invention, however, their use has changed over the last few years. This print gun was mainly used in worksites to label things such as concrete, corrugated boxes, metal pipes, poly woven bags, wood, and other raw materials. Print guns can be used on just about any surface, and this feature is what makes them so versatile and the perfect print tool for live customization. We’ll take you through some of the advantages of using this tool and a little history of how it has become a tool for print shops.


The handjet Print Gun contains a built-in simple MicrosoftTM Windows®-based program to format and transmit messages that are easily created on a personal computer. Messages can consist of alphanumerics and logos from Windows® fonts and symbols, as well as diacritical characters. The portable printer is utilized to pre-configure hundreds of customized imprint messages via the touchscreen itself, or connect to the printer via a WiFi network, and run the software via the built-in web server using a web browser.

By moving the printer upon the surface, inkjet printing occurs automatically. The print gun shoots the ink out unto the surface to shape the design, letters, or symbols. The gun’s high-volume ink-jet cartridge efficiently provides up to 100,000 characters with a dot matrix of 7×5. The handjet ink printer adapts to the speed of the user, moving fast or slow, creating the same imprint.


This portable marking gun can print alphanumeric text, sequential numbering, automatic date and time, logos, and bar codes onto porous and non-porous substrates. Extremely versatile, this portable ink jet printer gun allows users to create messages on their PC and transfer them to the HandJet via a Bluetooth module for a wireless transfer experience. The ink cartridges are available in a variety of formulas (ethanol-, acetone-, and MEK-based ink) and various colors to meet specific printing requirements. By using solvent-based inks in an array of colors, the HandJet print gun provides fast, clean printing on a variety of items.

handjet print guns hold ink cartridges that are specifically compatible with the brand of your hand-held printer. The software in the product shoots the ink to form the image desired, and you can also control the force and how dark you want the print to be. The different modes allow for a softer or harsher look to the design depending on the surface and/or if the surface will be washed multiple times.


As this technology became more popular in production line professions, it caught the attention of other businesses looking for alternative solutions to labeling and design. Family Industries decided to introduce this technology to their on-site live event screen printing business as an alternative and fun way to create custom t-shirts without having all the extra equipment. They were inspired by Chinatown Market as they were one of the first apparel businesses to make the method popular.

Chinatown Market is an LA-based streetwear brand founded in 2016 by Mike Cherman. Chinatown Market is one of LA’s top streetwear brands because of its unconventional approach to apparel. Mike Cherman used viral moments and pop culture to create his brand, which gained them notoriety, becoming a very successful apparel brand around the United States.

Mike Cherman is also the owner of Six Ounce Studio, where he customizes apparel. Mike first became interested in the EBS Ink-jet Printer Gun when he saw a video demonstrating all the different surfaces this print gun was able to print on. Naturally, he thought of using this as an additional tool for his apparel customizing business.

The print gun’s major advantage is there is the fact that there is little to no prep work to do before printing, and this is one of the main reasons why Max Hellman from Family Industries saw this tool as a perfect addition to their live events business. The ability to print anything you want on any surface you want is not only fun but provides that instant gratification that we all like.


The print style of the HandJet is unlike anything else out there. A look like this will turn heads, grab attention, and set you apart from everyone else. With the ability to download a number of different fonts, this hand-held printer allows you to choose your favorite font(s) and print any saying or design directly onto any light-colored apparel. Additionally, with the ability to print with the palm of your hands, the HandJet opens a whole new world of customization.

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