Heat Press

Adidas @ The US Open

New York, NY
Sep 3, 2022
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Adidas at the US Open

Game, Set, Customize: Adidas Brings the Heat at the US Open

Tennis fans selecting patches for their Adidas duffel bags
The process of heat pressing tennis-themed patches onto an Adidas bag
Happy fan showcasing their customized Adidas duffel bag at the US Open

The Lowdown

On the weekend of September 3rd, 2022, Adidas served up an unforgettable experience for tennis fans at the US Open in New York City. As the crowd flocked to witness some of the world’s greatest athletes compete, they were treated to a unique opportunity to customize their very own Adidas duffel bags with tennis-themed patches.

Throughout the event, the live heat press experience provided by Adidas was a smash hit, engaging fans and immersing them in the spirit of the sport. Store guests selected from an array of commemorative patches, celebrating the iconic US Open, and watched in awe as their personalized Adidas totes came to life.

This high-energy activation not only captured the hearts of tennis enthusiasts, but it also drove store sales, proving once again that customization is a winning strategy for brand engagement. Ace!