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AS Colour

San Diego, CA
Aug 23, 2023
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Colour Unleashed: Making a Mark with AS Colour

Our live screen printing hub at the Impressions Show with AS Colour
High-quality tees and totes transformed into wearable art
A vibrant display of our collaboration with AS Colour at the Impressions Show 2023
screen printing screen for AS Colour

What’s possible and how

When you’re dealing with the world’s largest decorated apparel show, you’ve got to bring more than just your A-game. Teaming up with AS Colour, we did just that at the Impressions Show 2023, held in Long Beach, CA.

From our dynamic live screen printing hub, we infused life and colour into tees and totes, transforming them into bespoke wearable art. The vibrant creativity of our team met the high-quality products of AS Colour, leading to a fashion-forward fusion that was a crowd magnet.

The result? A never-ending line of attendees, all eager to experience the thrill of personalizing AS Colour’s offerings. Our collaboration with AS Colour was not just about printing on apparel, but about weaving unique memories and experiences, one design at a time.

In the kaleidoscope of the Impressions Show, we were a standout thread – a burst of colour and creativity that left an indelible mark on attendees’ hearts and wardrobes. So, here’s to making a bold impression, in full colour!

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