ASUS @ Pax East

Boston, MA
Mar 23, 2023
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ASUS at Pax East

Personalized License Plates and Powerful Insights: How ASUS & Intel Took PAX East 2023 by Storm

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The Lowdown

When the gaming industry’s biggest names gathered in Boston for PAX East 2023, ASUS and Intel were ready to level up the swag game with their unforgettable activation. Our team provided sublimation onto mini license plates, personalized with guests’ unique designs using our easy-to-use design software. With full-color graphics and engaging customization options, attendees couldn’t wait to get their hands on these one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

But our activation went beyond just fun and games. Our app included a questionnaire to collect valuable user data and insights, providing ASUS and Intel with critical customer information to inform future marketing and product development strategies. And when Miami Dolphin Tyreek Hill stopped by the booth for a customized license plate, it was clear that this activation was a hit with industry insiders and gaming enthusiasts alike.

At PAX East 2023, ASUS and Intel brought the heat with a custom activation that was both fun and functional.