Los Angeles, CA
Jun 28, 2024
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Walmart BETX event custom tees

Giving the BETX crowd creative freedom to amplify the voices of the black creators and entrepreneurs they love.

Crowd gathered around our custom t-shirt booth at BETX, excited to design their own apparel
A completed custom t-shirt saying 'Ask Me About', created at the BETX Walmart collaboration
Personalized t-shirt designs
Happy participant showing off their unique long sleeve tee amidst a vibrant BETX backdrop

The Lowdown

Get ready to relive the excitement of BETX at the Los Angeles Convention Center! Our dynamic team partnered with Walmart to amplify the brand’s powerful message: “Be a megaphone for the black creators you love.” And wow, did we deliver!

All under the production of expertise of Giant Spoon, our crew rolled in with a cutting-edge mobile customization app that transformed attendees into t-shirt designers. Picture this: you step up to our station, sit down in front of one of the provided tablets, chose from one of two pre-printed designs, and the screen prompts you with “Ask Me About.” From there, the creative floodgates open! Attendees could write any phrase that popped into their heads. Once they hit submit, our team sprang into action, heat-pressing those unique designs onto long sleeve t-shirts in a minute flat.

The energy was electric as people proudly showcased their personalized shirts, sparking conversations and connections throughout the event. Our booth was buzzing non-stop, with lines of enthusiastic participants eager to express themselves through their custom creations.

The collaboration with Walmart was a massive hit, making waves and drawing attention to the incredible talents of black creators. By the end of the day, we didn’t just create t-shirts; we created memories, sparked dialogues, and left a lasting impact on everyone who stopped by. What a day to celebrate creativity and community!

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