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Ciroc @ Coachella

Indio, CA
Apr 15, 2023
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Coachella Event Merch Activation

Ciroc Pro Shop: A Sweet Swing at Personalization for Coachella Partygoers

coachella x Ciroc
Ciroc merch at Coachella
merch activation at coachella
Coachella Ciroc event merch

The Lowdown

Sunshine, vibes, and personalized merch: the Ciroc Pro Shop brought the ultimate Coachella experience to life. In April 2023, our team took center stage at an upscale estate in Indio, CA, providing festival attendees and influencers with a live embroidery experience that was as refreshing as Ciroc’s Honey Melon flavor.

Nestled within the pickleball-themed Ciroc Pro Shop, our activation featured bucket hats, dad hats, and tote bags that guests could customize to their heart’s content. Using our user-friendly app, attendees were able to monogram their merch, adding a unique touch that captured the essence of the festival spirit.

The impact was undeniable. Attendees couldn’t get enough of their tailored swag, donning their personalized items immediately and proudly showcasing their newfound connection to the Ciroc brand. As music filled the air and the Honey Melon cocktails flowed, our on-site merch customization elevated the Coachella party experience, creating unforgettable memories and lasting brand impressions for all who joined the fun.

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