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Country Thunder 2023

Apr 15, 2023
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Rock Your Tee: Fans Flaunt Official Country Thunder Logo Tees

Country Thunder event
Country Thunder custom tee
Country Thunder custom tshirt
Country Thunder shirts

The Lowdown

Country music fans came together under the Arizona sun for the ultimate Country Thunder experience, and Chevy made sure to add some extra excitement. Collaborating with Arizona Chevy dealerships, they sponsored a massive live screen printing activation on-site, giving away official Country Thunder tees to the enthusiastic crowd.

Festival-goers had the option of choosing between vibrant green and orange tees, and they watched in anticipation as their shirts were screen printed right in front of them. The excitement spread throughout the event as fans eagerly waited for their chance to wear their official Country Thunder logo tees.

The Chevy-sponsored activation was a huge success, creating memorable moments and enhancing the overall festival atmosphere. As the crowd enjoyed their favorite country tunes, they also proudly wore their newly acquired tees, showcasing their Country Thunder spirit.

In conclusion, the Country Thunder live screen printing activation, sponsored by Chevy and Arizona dealerships, provided an additional layer of fun for festival attendees. The official Country Thunder tees not only brought fans together but also left them with a cherished memento to remember their incredible experience at the 2023 event.