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Los Angeles, CA
Oct 1, 2022
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Live Screen Printing Brings Iconic Characters to Life on Colorful Tie-Dye Tees

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live event custom screen printing
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The Lowdown

In October 2022, Dreamworks hosted a heartwarming employee appreciation event in Los Angeles, expressing gratitude to its workforce and their families. As a company renowned for its creative and imaginative storytelling, Dreamworks crafted an activation that was both fun and memorable: live screen printing featuring their beloved animated characters on vibrant tie-dye tees.

Attendees had the opportunity to choose from four unique designs, showcasing fan-favorite Dreamworks characters like Puss in Boots, The Bad Guys, and Trolls. The colorful tie-dye tees added a playful touch, perfectly capturing the essence of the Dreamworks universe and delighting fans of all ages.

The vibe at the event was one of joy and appreciation, as Dreamworks celebrated the hard work and dedication of its employees and their families. Guests of all ages were thrilled to receive a keepsake that not only commemorated the event but also represented their love for the iconic animation studio.

In summary, Dreamworks’ employee appreciation event was a resounding success, with the live screen printing activation perfectly embodying the spirit of the company’s creative legacy. Attendees left the celebration with a smile on their faces and a one-of-a-kind tie-dye tee, a treasured memento that captured the magic of Dreamworks and the gratitude shared between the studio and its employees.