Screen Printing

Electrify Expo

New York, NY and Miami, FL
Aug 27, 2022
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Electrify Expo merch printing

Charging Up the Electrify Expo

Electric vehicles showcased amidst the buzz of the Expo floor
Live screen printing process on eco-friendly totes
Guest proudly showing their unique, printed tote at the event
Attendees designing their custom Toyota tote at Electrify Expo

The Lowdown

Electric innovation, buzzing atmosphere, and eco-friendly totes: the perfect mix for an electrifying experience at Electrify Expo 2022. When Toyota and agency Czarnowski teamed up for the ultimate electric car conference, they knew they needed a powerful way to engage attendees.

Revving up the excitement, we partnered with Toyota and Czarnowski to bring live screen printing to the New York expo. With a variety of official Toyota designs, we helped guests create their own custom sustainable totes, showcasing their passion for electric vehicle innovation.

Throughout the event, eco-conscious attendees eagerly lined up to get their hands on these one-of-a-kind totes. As the expo buzzed with the latest in electric car technology, our live screen printing activation added a jolt of fun and excitement.

Together with Toyota and Czarnowski, we turned the Electrify Expo into a thrilling showcase of sustainable fashion and electric car advancements. With our on-site customization expertise, we helped create a high-voltage event that left attendees buzzing with excitement.