Google Leader’s Exchange

Pebble Beach, CA
Apr 19, 2023
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Google Leader's Exchange 2023

High-Level Execs Unwind and Create Personalized Merch in Pebble Beach

Google event live embroidery
Google live embroidered bag
Google event live embroidered jacket
embroidered jacket

The Lowdown

In April 2023, Google hosted the prestigious Leader’s Exchange event in Pebble Beach, bringing together top executives for a weekend of learning, idea-sharing, and fun. To enhance the experience, our team was on-site to provide a live embroidery experience, allowing attendees to customize high-end jackets and bags.

Despite their high-level positions, the Google executives eagerly embraced the opportunity to personalize their merchandise. Our skilled embroidery team offered a range of design options and ensured that each item was expertly crafted to reflect the individual’s preferences.

The customized jackets and bags were not only a fun activity during the event but also served as meaningful keepsakes for the attendees. These personalized items helped to create a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences among the Google executives, fostering stronger connections and team spirit.

In conclusion, the Google Leader’s Exchange was enriched by the addition of our live embroidery experience. The opportunity to customize high-quality merch added a memorable and engaging touch to the event, allowing even the most accomplished executives to unwind, connect, and express their individuality.