Vinyl Plotting
Fanny packs

Hangout Fest

Gulf Shores, AL
May 18, 2024
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Hangout Fest Event

Shining Bright at Hangout Fest with Shein

Personalized festival accessories
Bright and colorful Shein customization station at Hangout Fest
happy festival-goers showcasing their personalized fanny packs
A completed iridescent visor an fanny pack, shimmering in the sunlight, designed by a festival attendee

The Lowdown

Under the sunny skies of Gulf Shores, AL, Hangout Fest 2024 became the perfect playground for Shein’s vibrant customization experience. Amidst the breezy festival vibes, we set the stage for creativity with our live custom vinyl plotting onto iridescent fanny packs and visors.

Festival-goers flocked to our booth, where the magic of personalization awaited. Using our custom software, guests designed their item of choice, infusing each piece with a touch of their unique style. The iridescent materials shimmered in the sunlight, reflecting the dynamic energy of the beachside festival.

Attendees reveled in the fun, breezy atmosphere as they crafted their standout accessories. The experience not only provided a memorable activity but also allowed them to leave with a personalized keepsake that perfectly encapsulated the festive spirit. Shein’s customization station was a hit, proving that at Hangout Fest, creativity and style shine the brightest.

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