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La Onda Festival

Napa Valley, CA
May 24, 2024
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La Onda Festival with Verizon event

Innovation and creativity collide for an experience as electrifying as the festival itself.

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festival attendee showing off their newly made custom phone case at La Onda event
La Onda event merch
festival custom phone case

The Lowdown

Imagine the vibrant scene at Festival La Onda in beautiful Napa Valley, California. The air was alive with music, and the atmosphere was electric with excitement. Nestled right off stage left was the Verizon tent, the epicenter of creativity and tech magic. Our dynamic live customization team partnered with Verizon to bring festival-goers something they’ll cherish all summer long: custom phone cases!

The process was a breeze. Guests entered their information into our intuitive mobile customization app and explored an array of shapes and designs to craft their perfect phone case. It was all about letting individuality shine through. Watching their chosen designs come to life was an absolute thrill for attendees, turning the Verizon tent into a hub of creativity, innovative experiences, and energy you simply couldn’t get anywhere else on the festival grounds.

People flocked to our tent, drawn by the chance to create something uniquely theirs. The energy was contagious, and the he excitement spread like wildfire, making our station the talk of the festival.

Teaming up with Verizon, we didn’t just hand out phone cases – we handed out moments of joy and creativity. Our collaboration was a resounding success, turning Festival La Onda into an unforgettable experience. We proved once again that with a touch of innovation and a lot of enthusiasm, we could transform simple giveaways into cherished memories.

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