Lexus @ TopGolf

Multistop Tour
Nov 19, 2022
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Sock It to 'Em: Live Sublimation Puts the Fun in Funky Golf Socks

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on-site event custom socks
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The Lowdown

In October 2022, Lexus and Topgolf joined forces to knock it out of the park (or, uh, the golf course) at several hotspots around Phoenix, AZ. Lexus, the big kahuna of luxury and innovation, cooked up an awesomely engaging activation for Topgolf’s party people: live sock sublimation! Guests got to create snazzy, golf-inspired sock designs with our super cool custom design app.

Golf in Phoenix is like bees to honey, and Topgolf is the queen bee of the sport. Lexus’ live sock sublimation was right up Topgolf’s alley, giving guests a rad way to jazz up their sock game.

The atmosphere was electric, as creative cats of all ages designed their own funky, golf-themed socks. The live sublimation added an extra dash of pizzazz, leaving guests wowed by Lexus’ dedication to serving up unforgettable experiences.

In a nutshell, Lexus’ live sock sublimation at Topgolf was a smashing hit. By mixing golf’s adrenaline rush with the thrill of personalization, Lexus offered a one-of-a-kind experience that truly captured the spirit of both the sport and the luxury brand. Golf fanatics didn’t just leave with a fresh appreciation for Lexus; they also scored a colorful keepsake to remember their epic time at Topgolf.