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Los Angeles, CA
Oct 21, 2019
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inside NBA on TNT

NBA on TNT Kick-Off: Swish! Custom Jerseys on Point.

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Lakers custom jersey live heat pressing
NBA event custom live jersey printing
inside the NBA event custom heat press

The Lowdown

When the 2019 NBA season kick-off rolled around, we teamed up with NBA on TNT to deliver an off-the-charts experience for the fans. Set in the ultra-cool Nice Kicks shoe store in downtown LA, the excitement was palpable as fans geared up for the epic Lakers vs. Clippers showdown.

Our live heat press activation was in full swing, pumping out custom patches onto official NBA jerseys. Fans could rep their favorite players like LeBron, Steph, and more, with unique patch designs celebrating their greatness. The atmosphere was electric, with DJs spinning tracks and people milling around, all while keeping an eye on our mesmerizing customization process.

This unforgettable event perfectly captured the spirit of the NBA on TNT Kick-Off – high-energy, fun, and a slam dunk for fans and players alike!