Screen Printing

Orange County Marathon

Orange County, CA
May 6, 2023
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Orange County Marathon 2023

Prints at the Finish Line: Marathon Totes with SDCCU

Runners crossing the finish line at the Orange County Marathon 2023
Live screen printing station by Family Industries during the Orange County Marathon
Custom-printed tote bag with SDCCU logo and marathon-inspired design
Happy marathon participant showing off their custom-printed tote bag at the Orange County Marathon 2023

The Lowdown

Nothing beats the exhilaration of a race’s finish line – except, perhaps, custom-printed totes waiting for you there. At the Orange County Marathon 2023, SDCCU and Family Industries joined forces to surprise runners and attendees with a dynamic live screen printing experience that put a fresh spin on finish line celebrations.

After miles of endurance and dedication, runners were greeted by the unique sight of our lively printing hub – a bustling zone of creativity nestled in the marathon’s vibrant atmosphere. As the inky designs sprung to life on the totes, a new connection was born between the runners, attendees, and the SDCCU brand.

But we weren’t just printing totes; we were transforming the end of a race into a celebration of individual achievement, resilience, and community spirit. And with every tote bag adorned with our bespoke designs, SDCCU’s message spread further among the marathon community.

The Orange County Marathon 2023 was not only a race, but it was also a showcase of spirit, strength, and creativity. It was a journey completed with the joy of a uniquely printed tote, courtesy of SDCCU and Family Industries, leaving runners and attendees with a keepsake as enduring as their marathon memories.

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