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Los Angeles, CA
Feb 1, 2023
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Shien Influencer Night 2023

Creating Buzz with Customized Letterman Jackets

Shien custom jacket
Shien event custom jacket
Shien event live heat press
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The Lowdown

In 2023, Shein hosted a fabulous Influencer Night in Los Angeles, exclusively for social media personalities. The event was centered around offering these influencers the chance to customize their own letterman jackets with chenille initials and monogramming using our custom heat press experience.

Attendees were thrilled to add a personal touch to their trendy letterman jackets, choosing from a variety of chenille initials and stylish monogramming options. The custom heat press experience turned the night into a fun and interactive affair, allowing influencers to bond over their shared love for fashion and unique, personalized style.

Throughout the event, the influencers snapped photos and shared their experiences on social media, generating buzz and excitement around Shein’s brand. The customized jackets not only served as a fantastic keepsake for the attendees but also as a unique way to showcase their individuality and connect with Shein’s brand.

In conclusion, Shein Influencer Night was a resounding success, offering a memorable and engaging experience for the attendees. The custom heat press activation allowed influencers to express their creativity and personal style, creating a strong connection with Shein’s brand and generating widespread social media attention.