Heat Press

Stitch Fix

Los Angeles, CA
Jul 19, 2019
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Stitch Fix Branding event

Stitch Fix and Family Industries Heat Up the LA Zoo with a Fun and Engaging Activation

Customized Stitch Fix trucker hats and makeup bags with summer designs
Happy zoo visitor holding her personalized Stitch Fix keepsake
live heat press activation at the LA Zoo entrance
Family Industries team member heat pressing a Stitch Fix design onto a trucker hat

The Lowdown

The week of July 19th, 2019, was buzzing with excitement at the LA Zoo in Venice, CA, as Stitch Fix teamed up with Family Industries to create an unforgettable, fun-filled experience for zoo visitors. Centered around the themes “Uniquely You” and “Keep Summering,” the activation aimed to captivate guests and foster a strong connection with customers.

Our team set up a live heat press activation at the zoo entrance, ensuring it was one of the first attractions visitors encountered. We customized trucker hats and small make-up bags on the spot, offering a variety of pre-set Stitch Fix themed summer designs that perfectly embodied the event’s playful spirit.

Zoo visitors couldn’t resist joining the growing line for the activation, eager to receive their unique and personalized items. The live heat press experience was a hit, with guests delighting in watching their custom keepsakes come to life right before their eyes.

Not only did the activation spread joy among zoo guests, but it also successfully drove traffic to the Stitch Fix site and generated a high level of customer engagement. Visitors left the event with a lasting impression of Stitch Fix’s commitment to personalization, fun, and customer satisfaction.