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T-Mobile MLB All Star 2022

Los Angeles, CA
Jul 16, 2022
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T-mobile MLB all star

Sizzling Swings, Smartphone Swag: The Ingredients for an Unforgettable MLB Fanfest

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The Lowdown

When you’re the official MLB partner like T-Mobile, you know how to make a lasting impression. At the MLB Fanfest in July 2022, our team was on deck to create an experience that combined tech-savvy flair with America’s favorite pastime. Live sublimation onto iPhone, Samsung, and Pixel cases using our custom design software let fans choose from an array of official team logos and baseball-themed designs, bringing their love for the game straight to their phones.

As fans swarmed our booth, the energy was palpable. The MLB Fanfest was transformed into a hub of excitement where folks of all ages could indulge in a little team spirit. Customizing their phone cases with iconic logos and designs was a real crowd-pleaser, adding a personalized twist to the festivities.

In a nutshell, T-Mobile’s All Star Game Phone Customization event knocked it out of the park. Our unique activation turned up the heat, giving fans a chance to take home a one-of-a-kind souvenir from an unforgettable day. The fusion of tech, sports, and personalization made for a winning combination that left the crowd cheering for more.