Toyota Winter Tour

Various US Ski Resorts
Jan 6, 2019
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Toyota Winter Tour Warms Up Ski Resorts with Family Industries' On-Site Customization

On-site sublimation process creating personalized cozy socks
Fans at the Toyota Winter Tour booth in a ski resort
Guest showcasing their custom socks with Toyota's 4x4 vehicle in the background
Toyota Winter Tour's merch

The Lowdown

In 2019, Toyota embarked on a Winter Tour, hitting top US ski resorts like Tahoe, Park City, and Aspen to connect with extreme sports enthusiasts and ski bunnies alike. The tour aimed to showcase Toyota’s rugged 4×4 vehicles, demonstrating their prowess in conquering snowy terrains.

To elevate the experience, we provided on-site customization with our live sublimation experience, creating personalized cozy socks for the adventurous guests. Attendees could choose from an array of colorful designs, making each pair of socks uniquely their own.

The fun and interactive activation took place inside Toyota’s vehicles on-site, offering a warm and inviting break from the exhilarating day on the slopes. Our partnership with Toyota illustrates our ability to adapt to any environment and bring the excitement of on-site customization to even the most remote locations.

With the Toyota Winter Tour, we proved that we can go the extra mile (or up the mountain) to create unforgettable moments for extreme sports fans, while also demonstrating the versatility of Toyota’s 4×4 vehicles. This successful collaboration left attendees with a warm and lasting memory of their time at the X-Games and Dew Tour stops.