Heat Press

UCSD x Padres

San Diego, CA
Nov 12, 2022
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UCSD and Padres

Padres Pride Meets UCSD Appreciation: A Day to Remember at Petco Park

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The Lowdown

In November 2022, UCSD and The San Diego Padres joined forces to celebrate UCSD Appreciation with a unique and memorable event. Right on the iconic Petco Park field, our team brought the excitement of custom Padres-themed heat transfers onto 2,500 shirts and totes, elevating the fan experience to a whole new level.

The vibe was simply amazing, as the sun-drenched afternoon at the ballpark was filled with anticipation and camaraderie. Our live heat press experience engaged attendees as they eagerly watched their shirts and totes transform into exclusive keepsakes.

In the midst of the bustling ballpark, fans were able to witness firsthand the magic of customization. The fusion of Padres pride and UCSD appreciation created an unforgettable atmosphere that attendees won’t soon forget.