Live Screen Printing


Orlando, Florida
Jan 15, 2023
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Family Industries team providing live screen printing services at the VMX 2023

A Decade of Delight at VMX with Nexgard

vmx event dog
A freshly screen-printed tee at the Nexgard Gard Yard Zone
festival merch screen printing
Crowd of conference-goers eagerly watching the live screen printing process

The Lowdown

Every year, the VMX Conference in Orlando, FL brings together thousands of veterinarians and animal health professionals. And for over a decade, Nexgard has been an essential part of the event with their entertaining Gard Yard Zone. In January 2023, our team at Family Industries was once again on-site, adding to the excitement with live screen printing on 8,000 tees.

As a longstanding partner, we’ve become a staple at the VMX Conference alongside Nexgard. Our big on-site team worked tirelessly, bringing smiles to attendees’ faces as they watched their custom shirts come to life. It’s no wonder that conference-goers collect the shirts each year and eagerly anticipate the next edition.

The Gard Yard Zone, complete with adorable dogs and engaging activities, was the perfect backdrop for our live screen printing activation. The collaboration between Nexgard and Family Industries continues to create memorable experiences for VMX attendees, strengthening our partnership and keeping the love for custom tees alive and well.