Orlando, FL
Mar 14, 2023
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Walmart Shindig: Stitching Up Some Personalized Swag in Orlando!

walmart event merch
walmart event merch activation
walmart live merch embroidery
walmart event merch customization

The Lowdown

Imagine Walmart managers from across the nation uniting in sunny Orlando for a convention full of learning and team-building. That’s where our user-friendly personalization app and live embroidery experience come in!

The atmosphere was buzzing as managers made their way to our 12 embroidery stations, manned by our amazing team of 18 experts. Attendees used our intuitive app to add a personal touch to their Walmart polos, shirts, and hats with unique monograms and embroidery designs.

Our live embroidery team turned ordinary apparel into customized, stylish gear, transforming Walmart’s convention into an unforgettable bonding experience. Managers left the event feeling connected and proud to be part of a fantastic team, sporting their personalized swag.

To sum it up, Walmart’s Management Meetup in Orlando was a huge success, with our live embroidery activation adding a splash of fun and camaraderie. Walmart managers returned to their stores donning their exclusive attire, eager to share the excitement and team spirit with their coworkers. This is the recipe for an event that leaves a lasting impression!