Hand jet printing

Live Hand Jet

The party trick of on-site customization.

Customization in the
palm of your hand

Lasting impact
Like magic

With the ability to print in the palm of your hands, the HandJet opens a whole new world of customization. Pick a spot on your item, and we’ll print there.

Fonts on the spot

With the ability to download a number of different fonts, the HandJet gives you the ability to chose your favorite font(s) and print any saying or design directly onto any light colored apparel.

Brand on the brain
Instant attraction

The print style of the HandJet is unlike anything else out there. A look like this will turn heads, grab attention, and set you apart from everyone else.

The writing is on the shirt

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the latest innovation in on-site customization. The HandJet takes the fun of live screen printing to a whole new level. With customizable font and image options, unparalleled mobility, and a look all it’s own; there’s good reason the HandJet has become an exciting and popular addition to the world of screen printing


make things personal

The hand jet print gun allows everyone to customize their item to their exact liking. With on the spot text input, and tons of programmable design options; no two items will be the same.


A perfect combination

This is the perfect experience to combine with screen printing or heat transfers for another level of the customization experience.

Experience Generator

Check out our experience generator to uncover unique on-site merch personalization ideas for your event, or browse our past event case studies to see how our team's creative touch has connected brands with countless customers.

What people are saying What people are saying 

Always so detail oriented, professional and deliver the best quality work. We love working with them on projects, we know together we can create a great event. Their team is fantastic!

— Luisa Hagopian, Crown and Conquer

We've worked with Family for several years. You can always count on them for top quality knowledge of their craft, one-of-a-kind customer relations and the list goes on!

— Hilary Van Messel, Reach