Adidas event custom laser engraved shoes

Live Laser Engraving

Boost Your Event Impact with Elegant Personalized Gifting for Unparalleled Brand Appeal

Make your mark

Lasting impact

From glass to shoes, wood, and beyond: Transform a wide range of items into uniquely personalized products.

High level gifting

With enduring finishes that stand the test of time, laser engraving transforms enjoyable gifts into cherished mementos.

Brand on the brain
Level up

Quickly turn a standard event into a remarkable experience by offering your guests stunning, fast laser-engraved keepsakes.

& Artistry

LASER ENGRAVING leaves a mark. Offer your guests a premium customization experience and leave a timeless impression that won't fade.

a high level
party gift

Live Laser Engraving is the customization experiences that all the other experiences aspire to be. High end, scalable, and fast.

adaptable and scalable

Combine the live laser experience with our custom design app + kiosk for the ultimate on-site experience. Creating custom products on-site at events has never been easier.

Make It

Add a unique touch to your event, allowing guests to connect with your brand on a deeper level by creating bespoke keepsakes that truly resonate.

Experience Generator

Check out our experience generator to uncover unique on-site merch personalization ideas for your event, or browse our past event case studies to see how our team's creative touch has connected brands with countless customers.

What people are saying What people are saying 

An absolute pleasure to work with. Family Industries’ ability to offer turnkey live-printing activations which are easily tailored to fit-in to even our most unique events keeps us coming back for more. the entire FI team go above and beyond at all times - leaving you wishing they were actually family.

— Lindsey Synalovski, VP Client Services, The Machine Marketing Group

Family Industries has been an outstanding and professional business partner for more than 2 years, helping us drive engagement and conversion. They are a fantastic team to work with.

— Brenda Tis, Vonage