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Live Sublimation

Limitless Customization: Embark on the Ultimate On-Site Personalization Adventure.

Standing out is
easier in full color.

Lasting impact
Powered by our App

Take the user experience to new heights by adding our Customization App to your activation, while directly connecting them to your brand.

Quick Turnaround

Sublimation keeps the party going. Pick your design, and within two minutes, our team delivers your rad customized item.

Brand on the brain
Full Color

Dive into the world of boundless product possibilities with sublimation's full color spectrum. Print your vision.


Experience the pinnacle of on-site personalization with LIVE SUBLIMATION, a seamless method for guests to unleash their creativity on an extensive range of full-color premiums.


The Wheel

Guests take the lead, exploring the live sublimation experience with our user-friendly app, while our skilled team steers the production process behind the scenes. Get ready for a smooth ride!


Personalization for all

Empower your guests with the freedom to personalize their products, designs, and text. Let their imaginations run wild and create unforgettable keepsakes!


Fully Immersive

Their experience is the brand experience. Let attendees become apart of both the event and brand.

Experience Generator

Check out our experience generator to uncover unique on-site merch personalization ideas for your event, or browse our past event case studies to see how our team's creative touch has connected brands with countless customers.

What people are saying What people are saying 

Kamp Grizzly and Family Industries have been partnering for years on activations and events of all sizes all over the US. Most recently Kamp called on FAMILY with a series of five events over the course of five weeks in five different cities that included a full custom app build and a handful of other new tech challenges presented by our clients. FAMILY came to the table as they always do with the energy, attitude, and passion to make it happen. Not only did they make it happen, they killed the game and printed over 5000 pieces of apparel in the process. Look forward to many more projects and to keep innovating with the Family team.

— Will Chandler, Kamp Grizzly

Working at an Experiential Marketing company, we are always looking for new, fun ways to create promotional items for guests. Family Industries, has been an amazing partner to us, allowing for unique integrations of both their screen printing and sublimation processes into our experiences. There tech is completely customizable, giving each experience a new and exciting twist and allowing us to fit them in to hundreds of different types of activations. Everyone at Family Industries is happy, hilarious and absolutely wonderful to work with. It is clear that they love their work and will do everything in their power to make sure you feel the same. Do yourself a favor and make sure to integrate Family Industries into your next event!

— Rebecca Springer, Amazon