In the past few years, live embroidery has become one of the hottest event activations. From sports games to festivals, from conventions to conferences, companies and organizations are using it to engage with their customers in a new way. It’s an exciting time in this growing industry, but there are still many who haven’t heard about live embroidery. So today let us explain why live embroidery is such an effective way to activate your next event!


When you’re looking for a way to give your guests something they’ll remember, live embroidery is the perfect solution. With this event activation, you can have custom merchandise that you can use and wear at the event itself or in its aftermath. There’s no need to wait for delivery—you can begin using your products right away!

Live embroidery has many benefits that make it an ideal choice:

  • It doesn’t matter how old or young your crowd is. Live embroidery is fun and engaging for all ages!

  • You get total control over what you want on your apparel items. You don’t have to settle for what comes off the rack, since you can tailor the design and lettering just for them (and their business).

  • It’s versatile enough to work well with any event theme or setting—from birthdays parties all throughout childhood into adulthood; from weddings through retirement celebrations; from corporate events like conventions/trade shows through holiday parties where employees get together again after months apart…the possibilities are endless!


Customized merch is an excellent way to connect with your audience. If you’re running a live event, the merch can help make your attendees feel like they’re part of your brand and community. For instance, if you run a fitness event, the customized shirts that attendees wear will make them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves—and help them stay motivated during their workouts or runs!

Customized items can also be used for online sales as well. Let’s say one of your main products is sportswear: after people come to the store and try out all the things on display there (like in our previous example), they may want some items for themselves but don’t want any more clothing or accessories from other companies who didn’t sponsor this particular event; so instead they’ll go home with some kind of personalized item that makes them feel good about supporting local businesses while not having any branding from other brands involved?


Brand recognition is an important part of building your brand. It’s one thing to have a great logo and website, but if you don’t get noticed it doesn’t matter how good your products are. Live Embroidery gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd with a unique way of creating custom apparel that will make people stop, look and admire your work. Even if they can’t afford it right now, they will remember where they saw it so when they come back next time their wallets are full enough-they will buy!

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The canvas is a blank canvas for the brand. It’s an opportunity to show your creative side and bring a unique perspective that will appeal to your target audience.

For example, if you’re hosting an event for millennial women, you could create a collage of pastel-hued flowers and butterflies on the fabric of an embroidered tee shirt—a whimsical look that evokes feelings of nostalgia while still being current and trendy. For a more masculine crowd, try using industrial-style fonts in bold colors like black or red, finished off with some metallic gold threading around the edges for extra flair. The possibilities are endless!

The canvas is also a blank canvas for customers who want their own unique designs made into live embroidery pieces. Giving them this option makes it easy for them to customize their clothes so they’ll feel confident in what they wear at your event or any other time throughout their day-to-day lives. They can choose from different color palettes or even add text into their designs if they want something personalized with their names on them!

Lastly but certainly not leastly…the canvas is also an opportunity where artists can showcase their skills as well! Since there aren’t many opportunities out there where people get paid specifically during craft fairs/festivals etc., this offers up quite possibly one of those rare moments where someone could make money doing what they love most (or maybe even meet some new friends along the way).


The best way to get your customers talking about your brand is to make their experience with you memorable. Live embroidery is a great event activator because it provides an opportunity for customers to share their customized products with their friends and family through social media. You can use live embroidery as a way to create a social media moment that will drive more people back into your store or restaurant in the future, which means more sales and revenue for you!

Epsilon’s research found that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer customized experiences.


Live embroidery is not only a scalable customer experience, but it’s also an interactive one. By bringing a live machine to your event, you can give your customers the chance to interact with it as they personalize their merchandise and take photos that they can share on social media. This creates an exciting opportunity for them to get creative while encouraging them to engage with your brand during the event.

It’s also possible that live embroidery will encourage repeat visits from existing customers or even bring new people into your business who may become regular clients after experiencing this unique opportunity!

And since live machines are so easy-to-use (just push a button), you don’t have to worry about training staff members in order for them to operate the equipment themselves – making this an ideal solution for shops or other businesses who already have employees but aren’t yet ready for full automation just yet due.

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Merch is one of the most effective ways to get your customers to remember you and your brand. Now, customized merch is even more powerful. But live embroidery takes it up another level by adding an element that’s both personal and memorable.

Imagine a customer walking around with a hat that says “I Skydived with Steve” or a shirt that says “I Hiked Across America With Joe”. With these custom items, there’s no way they’ll forget who they met at the event!