Live Vinyl Plotting

Personalization Anywhere.

The Plot

Lasting impact

Let your words do the talking: our vinyl plotting technology turns your chosen verbiage into wearable art, expressing your personal mantra or message.

More Merch.

Expand your collection: our vinyl plotting isn't limited to just tees and totes; we bring a personal touch to an extensive array of merchandise.

Brand on the brain
Analog or Digital?

Merge the tactile feel of analog with the sharpness of our digital customization software; our vinyl plotting brings a touch of the old-school vibe to modern customization.

Smooth as
an old 45

Dance to the rhythm of live vinyl plotting at your event. Personalize everything from clear bags and fanny packs to shoes with ease. Choose your color, add your name or handle, and watch as each item transforms into a unique masterpiece. Quick, vibrant, and seamlessly stylish – it's customization that hits every note perfectly.

It's Nothing

From the ordinary to the extraordinary: watch as your everyday items receive a personalized touch, setting them apart from the crowd. Our vinyl plotting station invites you to take any item from impersonal to incredibly personal in just moments, creating a connection that lasts.

A Star In The

Step into the spotlight and turn your gear into a superstar statement with custom vinyl plotting that reflects your unique style. With every precise cut and perfect placement, our live vinyl plotting transforms your items into star-worthy pieces that shine as brightly as you do.

Spell It

Say it loud: our on-site vinyl plotting lets you spell out your thoughts, name, or favorite quote for the world to see. Whether it's your name, a special date, or a word that resonates, our live vinyl plotting spells it out for a truly personalized statement.

Experience Generator

Check out our experience generator to uncover unique on-site merch personalization ideas for your event, or browse our past event case studies to see how our team's creative touch has connected brands with countless customers.