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VidCon 2023

Anaheim, CA
Jun 24, 2023
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VidCon event Merch

Turning YouTube's top influencers into our biggest fans with fully customized denim jackets at VidCon 2023.

Unique denim jacket, custom made with puff vinyl transfers
Dog wearing custom hat with YouTube logo
Custom denim jacket at VidCon
YouTube influencers showcasing their custom denim jackets at VidCon

The Lowdown

VidCon 2023 was unforgettable! Alongside our partners at YouTube, we threw the convention’s most exciting party at the YouTube Creators Lounge. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase our creativity and all the latest innovations in on-site customization with some of the biggest influencers on YouTube.

The Hyatt Regency in Anaheim was buzzing with excitement after stepping up to our Denim Drip Bar. We were thrilled to see hundreds of people in attendance, all eager to get their hands on their very own, custom denim jacket. Using cutting-edge techniques like puff vinyl transfers and laser engraving, we transformed plain denim jackets into stunning works of art. With over 50 designs to chose from, we ensured that no one jacket looked the same.

The enthusiasm was palpable as attendees crafted their very own, completely one-of-a-kind denim jackets.¬†Smiley faces, rainbows, names, and even influencers’ YouTube handles adorned guests’ jackets, reflecting the individuality and creativity of everyone in attendance. What started as a personalized gift for guests quickly became the talk of the party, making Family Industries the center of attention.

VidCon 2023 allowed us to show off our unique and innovative customization capabilities, leaving a lasting impression every single guest, and turning YouTube’s top influencers into our biggest fans.

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