Vinyl Plotting

Anime Impulse

Los Angeles, CA
Jan 13, 2024
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Anime Impulse Tee Customization

Putting anime fans in the creative driver's seat.

personalized Gazoo Racing tee at Anime Impulse, Los Angeles.
Personalized Anime T-Shirts
Toyota's tee customization booth at Anime Impulse event.
custom Gazoo Racing t-shirt being crafted with vinyl plotting technology

The Lowdown

In the creative heart of America, Los Angeles, the Anime Impulse convention turned into a haven of personalized style and creative flair. Our live customization team, fueled by a passion for self-expression, joined forces with Toyota to add an extra layer of excitement to this anime extravaganza.

Imagine this: a bustling convention floor, buzzing with the energy of anime enthusiasts. But there’s a twist! Attendees weren’t just observers; they were creators of their own anime-inspired fashion saga. Our spotlight collaboration with Toyota featured the Gazoo Racing tee customization station—an anime fan’s dream come true.

Armed with the latest and greatest in Vinyl Plotting technology, our live team transformed simple graphic tees into personalized masterpieces. Every guest had the thrilling opportunity to infuse their own style into the fabric of their Gazoo Racing shirts. Names and gamer tags took center stage, becoming not just labels but statements of identity.

The air was electric with creativity as attendees collaborated with our team, watching their visions come to life on the vibrant canvas of their tees. It wasn’t just customization; it was a celebration of individuality in the heart of the anime universe.

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