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Call Of Duty

Los Angeles, CA
Oct 4, 2023
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Call Of Duty Customization

Going to battle in style with custom jackets from The Hundreds.

Exclusive Patches for Call Of Duty Event
Call Of Duty Patch Merch
Call Of Duty's 20th anniversary event
Custom denim jackets

The Lowdown

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the revolutionary video game series, Call Of Duty, our live team came to battle with exclusive patches and the perfect canvas – denim jackets from streetwear pioneers The Hundreds.

Upon arrival, guests of this private event were invited to customize their very own Hundreds jacket with their choice of exclusive, event-only patches. With an array of eye-catching designs in front of them, guests went wild when they began their customization journey.

Once each individual chose the patches for their jacket, our live team assisted them in designing the jacket of their dreams. As soon as guests found the perfect placements for each patch, our team of customization experts brought each jacket to life with the power of our high-caliber heat presses.

As soon as each guest got their jacket in hand, they swung them around their shoulders and wore each one-of-a-kind jacket like a badge of honor.