Anime Expo 2023

Los Angeles, CA
Jul 2, 2023
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Anime Expo 2023 Customizations

Cosplay and Customization - a one-two punch of creativity.

An attendee holding their newly made custom Anime Expo license plate
Anime expo attendees showing off custom license plates
anime expo customizations
anime expo 2023 event goer

The Lowdown

Dive into a world where anime enthusiasts and gaming aficionados unite in an electrifying extravaganza! The Anime Expo, which took place in the heart of Los Angeles from Saturday, July 1 to Tuesday, July 4, was an experience unlike any other.

We joined forces with the renowned PC Gaming powerhouse ASUS to bring attendees an exclusive customization experience unlike anything else they could experience on the convention floor. Surrounded by jaw-dropping imagination, we hit the Anime Expo with the ultimate fusion of creativity and personalization – custom, Anime Expo license plates. With our cutting-edge technology and ASUS’s unparalleled expertise, we empowered people to express their unique style and passion for anime like never before.

Hordes of cosplayers and expo attendees lined up to get their eager hands on these beautifully sublimated objects of self-expression. Using our one-of-a-kind customization software, guests were able to create whatever their imagination could come up with. Though their size was small, the impact of these license plates on the overall convention was undeniably mighty.

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