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Los Angeles Pride 2023

L.A. Historic Park
Jun 10, 2023
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2023 LA Pride Festival

Showing off our Pride & blocking the sun with custom, iridescent visors.

Crowd of festival-goers at the LA Pride 2023
Attendees sporting their customized visors under the sunshine
personalized iridescent rainbow visors
customized visors

The Lowdown

On the weekend of June 10, 2023, LA Pride took center stage at the LA Historic Park here in Los Angeles, California. Amidst the pulsating energy and vibrant celebration of diversity, we joined forces with Toyota to create an unforgettable, customization experience.

As the event kicked into high gear, the crowd lined up to watch our live team transform ordinary iridescent visors into one-of-a-kind pieces of self-expression, capturing the very essence of individuality that Pride represents.

Throughout the weekend, these customized visors became Pride’s ultimate fashion accessory. Rainbows danced in the sunlight, reflecting and shifting hues with every movement. Our live team tirelessly crafted personalized visors, ensuring that every participant felt seen and celebrated. Each visor became a wearable symbol of empowerment and celebration that left attendees awestruck.

By the end of the weekend’s celebration, we could see the impact we made first hand as the LA Historic Park became a sea of iridescent rainbows. Strangers became friends, smiles were contagious, and a sense of belonging permeated the air. Our collaboration with Toyota had not only created the hottest item at Pride 2023, but had also fostered an environment where people could authentically express themselves and celebrate their unique identities.