AMEX @ Coachella

Indio, CA
Apr 15, 2023
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Amex Coachella

Capturing Memories with a Personalized Twist

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The Lowdown

Coachella 2023 was a blast, and American Express made it even more memorable by partnering with us to create an unforgettable experience in their lounge. Nestled in the heart of Indio, CA, festival-goers flocked to the American Express lounge for a chance to relax, snap amazing photos, and immerse themselves in the festival’s atmosphere.

With the help of our live sublimation activation, attendees and AMEX cardholders got the opportunity to rent cameras and explore the festival grounds, capturing moments that made Coachella 2023 truly special. Once they had their perfect shots, it was time to head back to the lounge and bring their memories to life.

Our on-site photo lab made it a breeze to upload and print their favorite photos, but we didn’t stop there. Guests were given the chance to customize a stylish tote bag with their very own Coachella snapshot. The excitement was palpable as fans eagerly designed their one-of-a-kind keepsakes, blending their photos with a touch of their own creativity.

The result? A whirlwind of smiles, laughter, and a festival experience that won’t soon be forgotten. By offering a unique, personalized tote bag that captured the essence of Coachella, American Express solidified its reputation as a brand that truly understands the value of creating lasting connections with its customers.

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