Vinyl Plotting

Art Basel

Miami, FL
Dec 9, 2023
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Art Basel Custom Merch

Bringing unique customization to Miami's art scene.

Art Basel Custom Sandals
Personalized Footwear Art
Art Basel 2023 custom slides
Custom slides at event

The Lowdown

Amongst the vibrant ambiance of Miami Beach, Florida, the 2023 Art Basel art fair unfolded as an inspiring celebration of creativity. Our live customization team were at the forefront, adding a touch of personalized flair to the artistic tapestry of the event.

Beachside vibes were the inspiration for our customization experience. Sandals, blank canvases waiting to be transformed into unique pieces of wearable art, took center stage. Using our mobile customization app, attendees delved into the creative process by entering their name and personalized information.

Once the details were submitted, the magic unfolded as our live team, fueled by creativity and armed with high quality vinyl transfers, crafted custom sandals for each guest. Attendees had the freedom to express themselves by personalizing their sandals with two words—one on each sandal.

The result? A sea of one-of-a-kind footwear, where people’s individuality and style became art. This wasn’t just an art fair; it was an immersive journey into individual expression, where attendees left not just as art enthusiasts but as carriers of their own personalized masterpieces.

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