It’s almost summertime and many brands are beginning to plan for events happening all over the US and in order to stand out, they’re looking for the perfect promo items to give out. And because everyone loves a free gift, it’s important to make sure you have the right merch to catch their attention. We’ll take you through some of the most popular summer items we have seen and that have proven to be successful.


Promotional merch is a great way to engage event-goers with your brand. Regardless of your business offering a service or selling a product, promoting your business via a free promotional product promotes brand loyalty and recognition. Promotional merch has been a smart marketing tactic by using branded merchandise that servers for daily use, this will ensure that the product is used on a regular basis, and in return, keep your brand fresh in their mind, promoting brand recognition.

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Hats are the perfect promotional product, especially for outdoor events or festivals. They’re also a great product because people use them in all types of outdoor activities such as hiking, running, or camping. The most popular fit is the baseball cap fitted with an adjustable strap in the back. Custom baseball caps will help protect your customers from the harsh sun and make their time outdoors more enjoyable, while also providing your brand with unlimited exposure and recognition wherever they go. You may customize the hats with embroidered brand logo or a screen-printed image.

Stay away from hats that have a very wide trim because it could deter some people from being able to wear them because of preference or because of size.

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This may seem like a no-brainer when we’re talking about outdoor events. Water bottles are not only a great useful promotional item, but they’re also great for the environment. So, if you’re brand is focused on climate change or is a part of trying to make a change in the way we use plastic, this makes a great promotional gift.

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Bandanas are a great promotional gift because they are cost-effective and customizable. You’re able to give out a high quantity of bandanas while staying on budget. Screen printing them with a cool design is also easy and budget-friendly. They’re also great for outdoor events such as Coachella where people are exposed to a lot of dust in the air as well as making a great fashion accessory.


Once again, this is a great product for an all-day festival or event where people will potentially be sitting on the ground or setting up a picnic. Towels and blankets also make a great repeat-use item as they will most likely be kept and used for other occasions like going to the beach or going to a park.


While it’s always good to have a tangible promotional gift to give out, an additional interactive option is also great to promote more engagement with your brand ambassadors. We think these are two great ideas to ensure event-goers remember your brand and the great time they had interacting with your product or your featured activity.


Temporary tattoos make a fun and different experience at big events where most brands are giving out the same type of promotional products. This activity could be an addition to the physical promotional items you’re offering and leaves the event-goer associating your brand with a fun experience.


Custom t-shirts are a great way to engage people in a crowded festival. We have seen some great applications for this idea but nothing beats the on-site complete customization experience such as a DTG printed t-shirt that you designed yourself. This is a great option if screen printing is out of your budget or you wish to increase the quantity of t-shirt you would like to offer.

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