Event merchandise has long been a crucial part of the event experience, serving as an important reminder of an event’s impact and importance to fans. As a merch agency, we believe that selling a product or experience that will be imprinted in the event-goers memory is the goal. Nowadays music festivals are bigger than ever, but it’s become harder for artists to differentiate their merch from other artists’. By creating unique and unconventional merch for your event that makes attendees say “Huh! THAT is cool!” you will provide something that nobody else can offer. Fans really want something they can’t get anywhere else.


We live in an era where experiences are the new marketing. In a world of endless choices, experiences are what make people choose one brand over another. Experiences aren’t just about events, they extend to any interaction people have with your brand.

For example, we experience a brand when checking out on its website or buying their products in-store. We experience it on social media, when our friends rave about them online, and when we wear their t-shirt to that concert last weekend.

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LA Rams event live merch printing

Limited-edition products not only make you money but also create hype for your brand. As your event approaches, this hype can spread across social media and help organically build up interest in it. Exclusive merch is so enticing that people will even dream of being at the event just so they can buy the merch!

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  • Creating a Sense of Urgency: Fans of limited-edition merchandise know that when they say “limited edition”, they really mean limited in quantity. This creates a sense of urgency to buy while supplies last. Limited editions are such a popular marketing tool with shoppers because there is scarcity built into them.

  • Creating a Buzz: When you announce that you’re selling limited-edition merchandise, it will get fans excited and interested in attending your events before anything else happens. This makes sure that people are set to visit your event for reasons other than just the main attraction. Maybe there’s some special experience or perk within your venue too! Even if there isn’t, people will be more likely to come early because they want a chance at buying exclusive merch before it’s gone.

  • Expanding Fanbase: As mentioned above, you may have fans coming out who aren’t necessarily familiar with who’s performing or what type of artist(s) will be playing their favorite songs from past events like these – if any at all! This means that by creating a memorable experience through exclusive items sold at each stop on tour stops where only those who attend actually get them.

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Here are a few tips for creating great swag that will make your event memorable.

  • Try something unexpected and unconventional. While everyone else is handing out t-shirts, hats, or mugs, to be used at home or in the office, why not give your audience a chance to wear their branded merch in public? Sunglasses, socks, bandanas, and other wearable items get noticed by everyone you pass – and they’re also super fun to wear while sipping cocktails and mingling at the after-party.

  • Create an experience and connect with your audience using your event swag bags. Instead of just giving away random products that may never be used again, think about what would feel personal to your attendees. One of our favorite ideas was from a Toyota event where we did temporary tattoos using screen printing screens and bright color inks.


Family Industries worked with Toyota for the Stagecoach festival and created stencils for every element on a black and white poster for attendees to stray paint the colors on top and create their own personalized poster. The posters featured the lineup for the weekend.


screenprinted temporary tattoo

Family Industries also created an interactive temporary tattoo application for the governor’s ball music festival using a screen from our screen printing service and applied it to people’s arms and legs with a neon ink, which allowed for it to glow in the lights of the festival.


Using stencils for products such as shoes is a great way to incorporate a customization aspect to your merch. For example, Converse had us set up stencils to use on their high top Chuck Taylor All Star shoes – allowing for people that purchased a pair to customize them with a variety of stencils we had prepared for them. People had a lot of fun with this live activation and it was a great way to engage customers.