Gold Cup

Los Angeles, CA
Jul 15, 2023
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Gold Cup VIP personalization

At the intersection of luxury and customization, we redefined what it means to be a VIP.

gold foil initials onto a black leather luggage tag
Close-up of the premium leather luggage tags on display
event custom leather luggage tag
custom merch at event

The Lowdown

In the hands of our customization masterminds, the 2023 Gold Cup VIP Dinner was elevated to new heights. Inside the spectacular SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, CA luxury met personalization as our live team hooked guests up with custom leather luggage tags.

As guests stepped into the VIP area of SoFi, they were greeted by our friendly team, state-of-the-art embossing machines, and our mobile customization app. Guests’ eyes lit up as they laid their eyes on the premium leather luggage tags, waiting to be transformed into travel-ready flair.

With our mobile customization app, the power of personalization was in their hands. After inputting their information, guests selected up to three letters to be embossed onto their custom luggage tag. Excited VIPs watched as our team worked their magic with shimmering gold foil, adding a little shine to beautiful black leather.

The 2023 Gold Cup VIP Dinner wasn’t just an event; it was an opportunity for guests to indulge in luxury and personalization like never before. At the intersection of sophistication and innovation, our team redefined what it means to be a VIP.