Laser Engraving

Plato Elevate

San Francisco, CA
Nov 7, 2023
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Plato Elevate Event

Quenching Thirst for Innovation with Custom-Engraved Water Bottles

Plato Elevate Custom Water Bottles
Laser-Engraved Conference Swag
Attendees at Plato's Elevate conference in San Francisco, exploring the custom laser engraving station.
customized water bottles

The Lowdown

In the tech-savvy city of San Francisco, Plato’s “Elevate” conference brought together the brightest engineering minds for an event where innovation wasn’t just discussed – it was actively celebrated. As Plato, a community for engineers, orchestrated this gathering, we brought a refreshing twist to the usual swag with our custom live laser engraving experience.

The stars of the show? Sleek water bottles, waiting to be transformed into personalized tech treasures. Thanks to our custom white label app, attendees could imprint their unique mark on these bottles, turning a simple hydration vessel into a symbol of their presence at this cutting-edge conference.

As discussions and workshops unfolded, revealing insights and breakthroughs in the engineering world, our station buzzed with activity. The engineers, always appreciative of sustainable solutions, eagerly embraced these reusable bottles, etched with their names, logos, or personal messages.

Plato Elevate wasn’t just another tech conference; it was a testament to how innovation extends beyond the screen. It showed in the ways we connect, the ideas we share, and even in the customized water bottles we carry. A perfect blend of practicality and personalization, proving that sometimes, the best swag is the kind you can use every day.

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