Heat Press


San Diego, CA
Oct 25, 2023
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Custom shirts and flags for the popular Netflix show "Outerbanks."

Poguelandia event
Our team working on heat presses at Poguelandia
Poguelandia heat press tshirts
Fans eagerly waiting in line to create custom Outer Banks merch at Poguelandia

The lowdown

Netflix’s hit show “Outer Banks” came to Southern California for the first ever Poguelandia, and we were there doing what we do best – creating custom merch for hundreds of excited fans. With our arsenal of heat presses and a mountain of transfer options, we gave attendees the ability to create the Outer Banks merch of their dreams. Even with live music and entertainment all along the beach, some fans waited hours for the unique opportunity to choose their favorite designs, and watch their merch come to life. Meanwhile, at the other end of the beach guests customized official Poguelandia flags – pre-printed by yours truly.

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This successful partnership between Netflix and Family Industries showcased the importance of creating unique and engaging brand experiences that resonate with customers and help build long-term brand loyalty.