Live Screen Printing

Amoeba Music Record Store Day

Hollywood, CA
Apr 13, 2019
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Amoeba Music Record Store Day

Live Printing from the Amoeba Records stage on music's biggest day.

Family Industries handing out exclusive custom Amoeba t-shirts
Crowd enjoying Record Store Day at Amoeba Music, with our tees as the most popular item
Our team setting up the press and preparing inks for printing the exclusive t-shirts
Limited edition Amoeba Record Store Day tees on display, featuring four original designs

The Lowdown

Few places can match the energy of Amoeba Music on Record Store Day. When we took the stage at on April 13, 2019 we never imagined it’d be the last Record Store Day at Amoeba’s original location on Sunset Boulevard. What transpired after we set our press up, slathered on the inks, and began printing was the most exciting and electric Record Store Day we’d ever seen.

From the moment the doors opened, music lovers of all ages raced to line up for one of our exclusive, limited edition Amoeba Record Store Day tees. Once people got a glimpse of that year’s four original designs, it was hard for attendees to choose just one. Despite an incredible list of exclusive vinyl on sale, our t-shirts were by far the most popular item of the day.

Being center stage on music’s biggest day made the day feel like music festival, but it was the crowd that made us feel like rock stars.