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Burger King x Impossible

Miami, FL
Oct 5, 2023
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Burger King x Impossible customization

Fresh and fast style for the tastiest collab in fast food.

Vegan-friendly merch personalization
personalized bucket hats and fanny packs
Attendees proudly showcasing their personalized bucket hats and fanny packs
Live customization booth

The Lowdown

In the sun-soaked city of Miami, Florida, the 2023 Burger King Foundation Convention was the epicenter of culinary innovation and sustainability. Our live customization team brilliantly teamed up with the powerhouse duo of Burger King and Impossible Foods to champion a groundbreaking collaboration.

This partnership was all about revolutionizing the fast-food landscape, with Burger King and Impossible Foods joining forces to roll out tantalizing vegan-friendly options, spearheaded by the game-changing Impossible Whopper.

Inside the elegantly crafted booth of Impossible Foods, the magic unfolded. Our live customization team were poised and ready, with an impressive lineup of heat presses. As attendees reached the front of the booth, our skilled and personable staff welcomed them, inviting them to dive into the world of personalization by customizing their very own bucket hats and fanny packs with an array of exclusive patches.

Each patch, meticulously designed for this special event, added a touch of exclusivity and anticipation, driving attendees to eagerly get their hands on a piece of our coveted merchandise.

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