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College Football Championship 2024

Houston, TX
Jan 8, 2024
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College Football Championship Tailgate Event

Hat Hype in H-Town for the 2024 College Football Championship.

Customized Fan Merch at Football Event
ans customizing hats at the Modelo tailgate event during the College Football Championship 2024
fans showing off customized hats at Houston championship event
Custom hats at Houston Football event

The Lowdown

Picture this: The College Football Championship in the heart of Houston, Texas, where the air crackled with anticipation and the excitement of the Michigan Wolverines clashing with the Washington Huskies. But before the roar of the crowd, there was a crescendo of excitement at the Modelo fan-only tailgate—a fiesta that set the stage for an epic showdown.

Our live customization team, fueled by the spirit of collaboration with Modelo, transformed a rainy-day tailgate into a haven of personalized fan experiences. The scene unfolded with classic tailgate games like cornhole and beer pong, setting the stage for an unforgettable prelude to the championship battle.

But that’s not all. We took customization to new heights, bringing fans into the creative process. Hats became the canvas, and fans became the designers of their own championship style. With an array of custom patches inspired by Modelo’s spirit, fans were not just adding patches; they were curating a memory that’ll last a lifetime.

Here’s the magic: Fans weren’t just choosing from pre-made options; they were part of the creation. They selected their preferred hat style, picked the patch that resonated with their team allegiance, and witnessed, with detailed precision, the birth of their dream hat.

This was far more than just a tailgate. It was a celebration of individual fandom that brought fans from both sides together.

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