Live Screen Printing

Electrify Expo – San Francisco

San Francisco, CA
Jun 25, 2023
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Electrify Expo Toyota Merch

Creating a buzz around the future of travel with Toyota.

Attendee proudly holding their new Toyota tote bag
Family Industries team screen-printing Toyota branded totes
Toyota event branded totes
Event screen printed tote bags for Toyota

The Lowdown

A storm was brewing in San Francisco when we hit the pavement with Toyota for the bay area’s Electrify Expo.

Surrounded by the latest and greatest fuel-efficient vehicles, we hand printed hundreds of exclusive Toyota branded totes for festival attendees. It wasn’t long into printing before word had spread about our one-of-a-kind experience, causing tons of excited guests to swing by and snag our limited-edition merch. Fascinated on-lookers watched as our live team took ordinary canvas tote bags and transformed them into beautifully printed, brand-forward carryalls that continued to excite the festival crowd all weekend long.

At a festival where the engines of cars and trucks shook the pavement, the word about Family Industries and Toyota proved to be far louder. That’s the power of great branding, a powerful message, and an on-site experience unlike any other.

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