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New York City, New York
Dec 13, 2023
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Fanatics Event Custom Crewnecks

Spreading holiday cheer in the Big Apple with vintage flair and custom outerwear.

The Lowdown

In the heart of New York City, the Fanatics holiday party became an unforgettable celebration of camaraderie, style, and a love of sports. Our live customization team, armed with creativity and innovation, took center stage, enhancing the festive spirit with a touch of personalization.

For every person in attendance, the highlight of the event was the chance to walk away with a customized crewneck sweatshirt. Our live team, equipped with an arsenal of heat presses and a treasure trove of exclusive patches crafted specifically for the occasion, turned ordinary sweatshirts into personalized masterpieces. Even NBA legend Jalen Rose had to get his hands on one!

The diversity of our patch designs added a unique flair to each garment, ranging from classic Fanatics branding to the nostalgia of vintage Topps baseball cards. This was more than a holiday party; it was an immersive experience where each attendee became a designer, creating a wearable expression of their connection to Fanatics.

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