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It’s Her Shot – Chicago

Chicago, IL
Aug 19, 2023
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Bringing backpack customization to the Windy City with Dick's Sporting Goods.

Vibrant outdoor basketball event in Chicago for the 'It's Her Shot' event
it's her shot custom bags
lose-up of an array of vinyl transfers, patches, and heat presses set for backpack customization.
it's her shop custom patched backpack

The Lowdown

In the heart of Chicago, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Nike orchestrated a colossal outdoor basketball extravaganza named It’s Her Shot. The event was a powerful celebration of empowerment, designed to ignite the passion and confidence of young women in the world of basketball.

Alongside the dynamic duo of Dick’s and Nike, our live team played a pivotal role by granting players the exclusive opportunity to walk away with personalized backpacks that reflected their unique personalities and style.

The response from attendees was nothing short of overwhelming, with lines snaking through the city streets as eager participants clamored to snag their very own custom backpack.

Within our customization haven, attendees could delve into a treasure trove of vinyl transfers, patches, and even include their initials to infuse their chosen backpack with a personal touch. Our skilled team, armed with our arsenal of heat presses, took the visions of these young athletes and transformed them into tangible realities. The result? A sea of completely unique backpacks, where no two were alike. Each backpack became a statement of individuality, a testament to the vibrant tapestry of young women who stepped onto the basketball court with confidence and style.

It’s Her Shot wasn’t just an event; it was a profound declaration that diversity and empowerment are integral to the future of basketball. The collaboration between Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nike, and Family Industries was a resounding success, one that left an indelible mark on every participant and proved that the power of customization knows no bounds.

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