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LA Kings x AMEX

Los Angeles, CA
Feb 24, 2024
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LA Kings x AMEX event

Making fans feel like Kings with exclusive, one-of-a-kind hoodies celebrating the history of LA Kings hockey.

LA Kings Custom Hoodies
Live customization team at work, heat pressing unique designs onto LA Kings hoodies.
A thrilled fan showcasing their newly customized LA Kings hoodie
LA Kings-inspired hoodie design

The Lowdown

In the bustling heart of downtown Los Angeles, excitement reached a fever pitch as American Express hosted an unforgettable event for card members in honor of the LA Kings‘ legendary 1990-91 season. Against the backdrop of the iconic Crypto.com Arena, fans gathered to celebrate the team’s storied history and cheer them on as they prepared to take the ice against the Anaheim Ducks.

Amidst the buzz of anticipation, our live customization team took center stage, ready to pump up fans with exclusive LA Kings hoodies. With a nod to the team’s iconic legacy, attendees were offered a choice of four Kings-inspired designs, each a tribute to the team’s triumphs and victories.

Utilizing the latest and greatest heat presses, our live team worked their magic, transforming each hoodie into a wearable memento of their day at the rink. As fans watched in awe, the fabric came to life, creating a tangible connection to their favorite hockey team.

Amidst the cheers and applause, American Express and our live customization team came together to offer fans a truly unforgettable experience. From the thrill of customization to the excitement of the game ahead, the event was a celebration of camaraderie and community, uniting fans in their shared passion for the LA Kings and the sport of hockey.

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