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Nike x Dicks

South Bend, IN
Aug 19, 2023
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Nike x Dicks customization

Two of the biggest names in sports apparel unite for a whole new kind of Back-to-School shopping.

A group of young customers proudly showcasing their freshly customized Nike apparel
Personalized Nike apparel
custom nike sweatshirt
nike apparel

The Lowdown

Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods united their prowess in a nationwide back-to-school extravaganza that resonated with excitement and individuality. From coast to coast, the heart of each Dick’s location became a hub of creativity and personalized style, thanks to the creative power of our live customization team.

Immersed in the vibrant energy of this event, Dick’s customers were presented with an extraordinary opportunity to infuse their Nike apparel with some unique flair. The array of possibilities were boundless as our team offered an extensive selection of exclusive patches and vinyl transfers, empowering customers to craft Nike gear that expressed their individuality.¬†As customers unleashed their creativity, our team worked their magic, turning each apparel piece into a canvas of self-expression and empowerment.

The nationwide event turned the stress of back-to-school shopping into an avenue for self-expression and personal style. The innovative collaboration between Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods left an indelible mark, reminding everyone that individuality and sportsmanship can harmoniously come together in the realm of fashion.

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